The 2017 Australian Half Marathon championships

Words can’t describe the pride I had in myself when I sprinted across the line at yesterday’s SUNSHINE COAST HALF MARATHON. It was a calm sensation rather than out and out emotion. In saying that, it was deep rooted sense of achievement about something I never thought I would ever want to do or be able to do. Especially when you think the event also double up into The Australian Half Marathon Championships

Exactly 12 months ago I had come down with another injury while attempting to do my very first 10 kilometre race THE WETHERBY 10 K RACE . After lots of physio ,compression socks, orthopaedic inner soles and deep heat I did finish the 10k race but in a very slow time. I remember how amazed and proud of myself I was at achieving the 10km distance!

  I’m a big dreamer but never in my wildest dreams ( even as a young man) did I ever think I would be able to run 21.1 kilometres .Well I did that yesterday and did it in style! My goal was to complete the race in 2 hours and 10 minutes or below. That’s right, the goal was not just to complete it but I had a time goal as well.

Amazingly I did it nearly 12 minutes quicker than my original goal. I finished in 1 hour ,58 minutes and 13 seconds. I finished in 887th place from the 1709 competitors to start. I also was 78th of the 102 in the Men’s 45 – 49 category. 

I had trained so hard for it, averaging over 20,000 steps a day for the last 6  months I’ve been tracking them. Some of them running, some of them doing stairs training, but 20,000 a day daily average which includes my rest days every week.

That is why the 21.1 kilometres didn’t seem as hard as I thought and I was much quicker than I expected. I have learned if you put the effort in on the practise field ,the game day is easier. I guess you could say I’ve been training for years to achieve this sort of achievement.

Others think I’m mad and this might be it for me. So for me now as a let the sore muscles sort themselves out,  I’m thinking ,what is my next challenge ??

Just like it is for me , you to can achieve anything your heart desires. Dreams do come true , because anything is possible .


This is quite a significant date in my recent life. It has taken me a few days to actually put it into words the impact this date has to me. It was the start of a complete decline in everything in my life. The emotional and financial impacts were massive but one of the biggest challenges I have had was with my weight in that 9 years.

The Journey

It was sometime during the mid-morning on the 8th of August , 2008. The 8th of the 8th of the 8th , the 08/08/08 . I am sitting on a trolley bed at Goole Hospital Yorkshire, with my not very modest gown waiting for name to be called.

I love sport so I was watching the Bejing Olympics opening ceremony in the waiting room. I’m glad Australia is at the beginning of the alphabet because it only got to Bermuda and I was called into surgery. I was glad  I got to see the Aussie team come out as it distracted me from the operation.

The reason this was such significant date is that this was my second knee operation. I had the same operation on the opposite knee in 3 years before. The major issue of this was in the 3 years since the last operation I had a started working as a tennis coach. This injury was putting my career in jeopardy.

My Dream job and business became a reality again late 2005 when I was at the age of 35. That’s when  I started as Tennis Coach at David Lloyd Leisure LEEDS England  . Now, here I was at 39 years of age knowing in the back of my mind, that my career as a tennis coach was coming to a close. I still went back to work but it was never the same, the enjoyment was gone. The recovery time just wasn’t long enough before going back. Within weeks my career was over.

To make a long story short I dramatically put on weight when I finished my tennis career. I became obese, topping at 111kgs in 2012. I remember that year trying to play tennis and slipped a disc in my back. That finished any thoughts of playing tennis properly  again. It also gave me a lot of trouble right up till 2015.

The decision

In 2013 I was sick of being that big. That year I tried a more different ‘diets’  to lose weight and joined a gym. It was a 24 hour gym so I would go fairly late at night and run on the tread mills. Of course I didn’t listen to advice. I did too much too soon and my back went again. I gave up trying to exercise and thought I was only ever going to stay this size, or bigger.! Although in saying that I managed to get my weight down to 108kgs to start 2014.

I picked myself off the floor and gave it one more go in 2104.  I thought ‘ let’s give this one more big effort to get my health back. I mean I couldn’t even walk up stairs without puffing too heavy to talk. So I decided to do a triathlon . I thought I could swim and bike, as well as run for training. Low impact training sounded the trick and of course I tried a few more different diets and techniques to lose weight. After suffering 3 calf tears I did do a sprint triathlon in May. Two more tears in my calf that year meant I stopped training completely again.

The overcoming

On January the first 2015,  I stood on the scales at 109kgs. I can’t begin to tell you how angry that made me. All that training and I’m heavier than last year! Well I decided in late January to run again and my calf went, so turned my attention to gym based training . I found PowerburnUK in the February and that had a dramatic impact on my weightloss journey. It was a massive boost in my knowledge of my muscles, flexibly, injury prevention and food. It gave me, what I think was the missing pieces of the puzzle to a healthy , tasty , nutritious way of eating that enabled me to lose weight , little by little as well.

I ended up generally for the next 6 to 9 months under 100kgs Through 2015. Though I had a 6 week holiday to Australia at the end of December and January. In late January 2016 I was tipping the scales at 102 kgs but knew I could shift that holiday weight by healthy eating habits, which I did. In May another big moment when I started to run again. I had found a love for running in 2014 and wanted to try again with my mate Nick Hague.

This time I used all my knowledge on food, stretching, and training to achieve lots of 5-kilometre park runs and two 10-kilometre races. 2016 was a great year for my health and I started to play tennis again and my weight finished at 98 kgs .

Nick and I decided to start 2017 with our hardest challenge, the TNT on January the 8th. This meant that we had to train all through Christmas. I still ate and drank all the wrong things but with the goal so soon after new year I didn’t eat anywhere near as much as I used to. We even went for a 10 km run on boxing day!

Well here I am now 08/08/17 and my weight has gone from 111kgs to 85kgs. That’s a 26 kilograms ( 4 stone, 4 ounces or 60 pounds) in 5 years. I’ve actually lost 24 kilograms ( 4 stone or 56 pounds) in 3 and half years.

I’m not saying this to brag but to let you know that you too can do the same. I still love to go out , I still drink and socialise. Anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it and put the right fuel into your body.

The result

On the 08/08/08 I started a journey of losing my fitness and health. Now its 2017 and I am 48 years of age. Next week I will compete in my first half marathon, which is 13 miles or 21 kilometres of running.

Always remember , dreams can come true because anything is possible!


A funny thing happens when you have made a decision. Things start to conspire to make it happen. You know the sort of deep down drive to do something? It’s a have to not a want to do something if you know what I mean?

This comes from not just a few weeks of thought but months and years of thought. As I  keep repeating , once you get your mindset in the right place and you follow  your heart and sole, things just happen. I have been chipping away at proving my theories on weightloss over the past few years that now it is set deep inside of me.

2013 I ‘ really’ decided to loss weight after seeing a picture of myself .  Even though I was trying things like fruit and vegetable detox , the 5/2 diet amongst other stuff I had learnt over the years. Yet didn’t really lose any significant weight . What I did lose came bouncing back with interest. As you know I spent most of 2014 doing triathlons and learning what to eat and trying things like shakes instead of meals plus all sorts of diets. Yet I stood on the scales in januaury 1st  2015 one kilo heavier than the same time the year before. Yes I was a bit fitter though my calf injury and the icy roads stopped me excising other than walking. However without realising it , I was a step closer to where I wanted to be. I had my mindset set on being fit and healthy.

So instead of giving up I had to find another way. That’s when I found powerburn. This taught me more things about my body and progressed the weight loss to be more permanent. It was knowledge about food and hormones as well as using weights , which I had never used before as a weight loss tool.

Once I had my body strong and injury free then I was able to start running, playing tennis and squash  again in 2016. In May of 2016 I starting running with my mate Nick Hague . Just a few kilometres at first, then gradually build up the distance. My Diet was good. Consistently good , not just for a short time. My weight steadily coming down little by little without to much bounce back.

The main thing I noticed is my shape changing even when the scales didn’t say I was loosing weight. You always have to be focused on everything . Don’t be a slave to the scales . 2016 was another ground breaking year as I ran  two 10 kilometer races. I had never ran that distance before.

It got to a point in 2017 that I was mindlfully concioius of what went in my body and how I would keep going with my progress . I did all of this while still enjoying a drink and still going to parties and having a good time .

Even with Christmas , New Year cellerbrations plus all my leaving drinks ( as I was moving back to Australia) I had my first race on January the 8th . As I have written before Nick and I did the Temple Newsam Ten mile event which again was distances and terrain I hadn’t dreamt I would ever do. Even when I was young, before all my injuries and weight gain I never imagined taking on such a race.

The main reason my weight continues to fall off is that I have a mindset that believes I should be fit and healthy. I feel it in my soul , so therefore I am attracting all situations and people who help me stay on the right track and having fun while I do it. Everyone I seem to meet want to run , bike or go on long bushwalks with me.

I still enjoy a drink and make the most of any party when it arrives. Though I just cant consume the quantities I used to because I have lost so much weight . I was at my worst 112 kgs in 2010.Now I only weigh 88kgs which is  24 kgs and have lost 22 kgs ( over 3 and a half stone or 46 pounds) in the last 3 years. I am 48 years of age and fitter and thinner than I’ve ever been as an adult.

When I used to lose weight and then do what we all do and that is slowly but surly put it all back on again , and some extra. I’m sure you know what I mean? I would gradually get back into the old habits that made me overweight in the first place. When this started to happen I would say to myself , “ be careful you don’t want to put the weight back on.” .

Once I started to notice the weight coming back on I would abuse myself in my head.  You know where this is going don’t you ? I would end up putting all the weight back on. All the good work undone and me left feeling defalted and defeated. I would have thoughts like , ” I guess you are meant to be fat “.

Now though it is all  different , because now I’Ll do scales or notice clothes getting tighter and I react differently. I coach my clients to do things with a positive outlook, so I decided to do the same for me and weightloss. Rather than panic or get to emotional, I just do things like cut out soft drink, carbohydrates , go back to drink a lot of water or back to exercising. I go back to the successful habits that got me to lose the weight  in the first place.

You see quite often we switch off once we have achieved what our goal was. In sporting terms its called ‘ a premiership hangover ‘ .  The difference now my mind thinks im supposed to fit and healthy so I just go back to the right healthy habits . Where before my mind thought my body was supposed to be overweight and it would give me a telling off and go back to the un healthy way of life. Therefore my body would react and put all the weight back on.

Now , in 2017 I am in training for a half marathon, yes that’s right a half marathon. Why someone asked me recently and I just said , ” because I can!”  I feel so good being able to do things like run and dance I want to do loads of it. I feel like a kid in a candy store . So full of life and excited about the future .

Always remember if you follow your heart and passion, Anything is Possible

Times are a changing

Over the last 9 weeks to 12 weeks I have decided not to be on social media that much. Even though in that time I have  shut my life down in the United Kingdom and moved back to Queensland, Australia. In that time I have completely restarted my life again on the opposite side of the world.

I have been asked where have I been hiding .Or I am asked,” Why aren’t you on Facebook” or ” I haven’t seen you on Instagram lately”. They are the only two social media platforms that I use regularily. Of course like everyone else I have a Twitter , Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat accounts but I dont use them as much. We all have our favourites don’t we?

I consciously haven’t been on social media much because I needed to just focus in on me. Get myself sorted. It doesn’t need to be lived out in the public eyes . It has been time for me to start again , with new licences, places to stay, work, and of course a car just to mention a few things.

You see due to unforscene circumstances I ended coming back to Australia with only £200. Which was only $330 once I converted things . That was nothing to be honest, a few days and that was gone. I actually had to take my own advice as a coach. All the techniques , all the things that I’ve taught other to do to success,  I had to do myself.

After all it’s not easy taking your own advice is it? I have coached so many people to success but it took desperation to take it myself. So started the success techniques that I taught others .Most importantly as well I just enjoyed my life , full of gratitude and trust it would all work out. I was totally living on faith as I have not lived in Australia of almost 14 years and had no idea how things would work.

Well by the time I had lived hear 7 weeks i had place to stay , my own car and a good job. Yes things have fallen into place. So i will continue to do this as i have plans to launch my business this year in Queensland.

Now of course I’m still going to have my ups and downs , everybody does. Though if I just follow my heart and go on faith it’ll all be ok , it will be . 🙂

Simon Cartwright


Sometimes you just need to go with the flow.

Go with the flow

So many times in my life I have tried to force things or to make them happen when they really weren’t meant to. The outcome always ended up in frustration , sometimes anger and definitely lack of successful results . Where if I look back at my life at all the really good things that have happened to me. I can definitely say they happen when I was just going with the flow and not forcing things.






I understand this sounds like a bit of a throw away comment. It might even come across as aloof and someone that lacks ambition. Or you could even say those comments came from someone who has given up. Possibly but not in this case. This is an observation of what has happened to me and then I actually put those observations into practice. Now I’m writing about what I have found. So this is not just theory you are reading about. I don’t write or talk about theories. I talk about what I do.

Put into practise

I have just moved back to Australia with no job, and no money. Well I did have £300 to my name and that was it. I won’t go into how this came about but it did. I had made the decision to move home from the UK after 14 years away. I was scared and lacking in confidence so really the only choice I had was to just go on faith that everything would work out. Trust that everything would work out fine and just go with the flow.

Now this didn’t sit well with me because I have always been very independent and like to have control of my life. However at this point of my life I had to trust that something or someone else would have to take care of me. I had to come to the realisation that there wasn’t much I could do about certain things in my life and I had to just go with the flow.

What I also decided to do was to be happy. After all I had  lost everything and I’m now 47. Plus I have moved back from the other side of the world after 14 years away to start again. So I thought, I might as well do it with a smile on my face. There are to many examples on how life is just to short.


2016-06-02 12.22.01



Everything I have done in the months leading up to leaving the UK to the nearly 6 weeks I have been back in Australia I have had fun and gone with the flow. As my life was crumbling around me I just did my best to enjoy every moment with gratitude and a smile. Guess what has happened in that time? I have had such a great time and things have worked out for me ( somehow).  I have now regained my confidence and I am loving life!

Of course if an opportunity arrises I grab it and run with it. I don’t just sit on my bum and do nothing. I mean it is just not  forcing a situation to happen , let it happen if it’s meant to. When it does arrive that is the time to run with it and enjoy whatever successes it brings.


My aim now will be to do my best to always go with the flow. If things feel like they aren’t working then take a step back and just see what comes to you without forcing it. Maybe you could give it a try too?

Life was meant to be easy. Take the path of least resistance and go with the flow and see what happens in your life. Even if nothing happens of dramatic proportions , you would have lived a life of less stress. Less stress in your life is a great thing.

Keep smiling ,

Simon Cartwright

The Temple Newsam Ten Mile

The Temple Newsam Ten Mile 2016

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to run and a ten mile ( 16 kilometres) event. To be honest it wasn’t something I thought I would actually want to do. Then to find out that The Temple Newsam Ten Mile ( TNT ) Is all off trail, muddy and on January the 8th made me think only crazy people or top athletes would do this event.


Nick and Simon 2015

Nick and Simon 2015

Where I was coming from

If you have read my previous blogs you would know I have had a lot of injuries in the past 10 years and I have only just recently completed my first 10km race in September The Abbey Dash. I am 47 years old and I thought to have an aim this year of just completing one, 10 kilometre race would be one of the greatest things I have ever achieved.


2016-11-06 11.11.37

Abbey Dash completed


Nick was signed up to do the Leeds Abbey Dash ( 10 km) race in October, but couldn’t make it. So I took his place and said I would make a decision on the Ten Mile race afterwards.

The decision was made

My goal for the Abbey Dash was 55 minutes and as I ended up running it in 53.06 , I was full of confidence. From that confidence and the high I was feeling from achieving two 10 kilometre races in a year, I decided to have a go at the TNT race. The next day (October 10th ) Nick and I booked our place for the Temple Newsam Ten Mile on January the 8th 2017.

The planning and preparation

This left us 12 weeks till the TNT event, which if we planned it right, then it would all go well for completing the race. Nick and I put together a training programme where we increased our distance by one kilometre a week on our one long run of the week. We did other training of course, around 3 to 5 days a week. We did one long run once a week and added just one extra kilometre to that run.

Knowledge is king

I wanted to do it this way because I know if we increased the distance to fast I would be susceptible to more injuries. For the last ten years I have battled injuries and setbacks. All the time this was happening I was gathering knowledge on how to be able to have a strong, supple body which can now achieve The Temple Newsam Ten Mile race.

I have learnt how to eat to prevent injuries and get optimum from my body. I have learnt how to train to prevent injuries and get the most out of my body. Lastly I have also learnt how to drink to prevent injuries to my body working at its full potential.

As the race was the first weekend in January I still enjoyed my Christmas and New Year but was always mindful of the TNT looming. I still kept up training , we even ran 10 kilometres on Boxing Day.

Heart set and Mindset

Having a strong and confident mindset is major key to being able to achieve in anything. All the painful lessons I have learnt over the last ten years  has enabled me to have this mindset. I mean after all if it was easy everybody would be doing it, wouldn’t they?


2017-01-09 07.38.07

This says it all!

I knew that I did all I could do, while leading a normal life. I wanted to  be able to live my life as normal as possible yet still put everything into this.

Putting your heart into anything is the thing that all success is built on. I wanted to not get bored or lose interest so I kept a good life/ training balance. What I did do was slightly change my diet over the past 4 years. Bit by bit I have developed a healthy lifestyle. I also like to have a social life. This way  I am still able to have a blow out with friends and my training doesn’t suffer.

I am still able to train and have a fun life with friends. For me this enables me to put my heart into my training and achieve my targets.

  • Have a goal
  • Make a decision
  • Have a training buddy or personal trainer
  • Have balance in your life
  • Have a strong and happy heartset and mindset
  • Have fun


2017-01-09 07.37.14

The reward



The race itself

Our best time for the distance and course was around 1 hour 40 mins. The race was set at a much faster pace than we are used to. I thought it would be and I wanted to try and get off to a good start before settling into our pace. Even though it seemed fast we just kept getting past. This made me keep up the faster pace for longer than I was wanting to.


By the three mile mark I was shattered and didn’t think I would be able to keep going the whole race. The course was extra hard to what we had expected. Although the mind is a funny thing when put under these sort of race pressures. Mentally I was gone and already giving up. Nick slipped and it looked like he banged his hand on a rail. He had only had that hand operated on a few weeks before. This switched my mind off me and onto him.

Without thinking I sprinted, caught up the two metres he was in front of me to see if his hand was ok. When he couldn’t really answer I realised he was also struggling. For some reason this made me feel a bit better. As it was a fairly flat peace of track I was able to get my breath back a bit and all of a sudden I was back in the race.

From there I just kept to my game plan of keeping my rhythm and running quickly up the hilly parts, which I did.


2017-01-09 07.37.53


The result

I must say it was the hardest thing I have ever done. The crazy stuff going on in my head through the race was hilarious in hindsight. However I just kept coming back to just enjoying the fact I was able to even compete in such an event.

With my normal sprint finish I came home in a time of 1:31:57. When I saw my time I was over the moon. I remember saying to Nick 3 weeks before the event I would like to do it in 1 hour 30 but that was before I realised how hard the course was going to be. So to finish in such a fast time , I was overjoyed!

I also know I couldn’t have done it without Nick. His support and encouragement really helped over the past few years of injuries.




2017-01-08 11.38.15

Goal achieved



It just goes to show if you plan it right and put your heart into something, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

New Year’s resolutions

Why do we set New Year’s Resolutions?

I’ve always thought it’s strange how people suddenly start to set goals and have ambition when it’s the end of the year. They set all these New Year’s resolutions and make all these bold statements at this time of year which always has me bemused. Now I could understand it if that is what they did all year round and this is just part of their process, but generally it isn’t. Most people don’t set goals and lack ambition most of the year and seem to think that this time of year they can act completely different to the norm and it will all work out!

How to set goals.

That is not how goal setting works. It is a plan, do and then a review process consistently all year round. Statistics show that 24% of New Year’s resolutions fail, 49% have infrequent success and only 8 % of New Year’s resolutions are actually achieved! This backs up what I have just said that goal setting is about working out what you want to achieve long term. Then from your long term goals, break it down to your medium term targets and from there you will find your short term and immediate goals. Making sure you always review them periodically to make sure you are on target. This way you can make the necessary adjustments if needed. I guess you could say you are nipping any issues in the bud before they become big issues. If there are no issues then you can have peace of mind knowing you are on target still.



Do it if you must

If you have an urge to set a New Years resolution then go for it. Though be mindful you will face challenges and difficulties in achieving your ambitions, just like anything else you set out to do. After all you may be part of the 8% who achieve their goals. For me I would suggest setting yearly goals that you can break down into smaller goals and always be looking to achieve great things. Don’t just leave it till the end of the year, getting caught up with all the emotion of this time of year. I don’t set New Year’s resolutions because I already have my targets and goals. This is just another month in my goal setting process. What I do use this time of year for is to review how I am going with my targets.


• Set goals all year round
• Only 8 % of New Year’s resolutions are achieved
• Don’t get caught up in the hype of New Year to set goals
• Use this time to review the goals already set , rather than setting new ones.

If you set your goals all year round, get out there and take action on those goals.Then periodically review them you will achieve all your heart desires! You will then discover that Anything is Possible!

Simon Cartwright

22 Push ups in 22 days

A little while ago I was challenged to do the 22 push up challenge. I like a challenge but to be honest I’m a little sick of all these challenges on social media, so I wasn’t going to bother. However after looking into what this challenge was actually doing I had to take it up.

What is the 22 Push up Challenge?

It is doing 22 push ups for 22 days. You have to record yourself doing the 22 push ups everyday and post it on social media with the relevant tags to promote awareness. I say awareness because it is not raising money but more a raising awareness of war veteran’s suicide. I didn’t take up the challenge just on the terrible statistics of how many of our war heroes are committing suicide or thinking about it daily. Although the statistics are quite alarming! I actually knew a strong healthy friend, very popular, that everyone looked up to going through this very issue. He had two young kiddies and confided in me that he was getting help for this very problem. I had been told stories from my ex-girlfriend’s family member who had been a member in the armed forces and found out it is an all too common sad story.

My 22 Push up Challenge

Day 1 of the challenge I decided to do after I did my 5km park run which I do every Saturday morning. Not ideal but I had to start sometime so that was the day. The issue was I had to do 44 because my friend and running partner Nick Hague didn’t manage to record the first 22 push ups properly . I am a person who will only do things properly so just saying I did them wasn’t good enough, they had to be recorded. So I ended up doing 44 on day one.

Day 2 of the challenge had me waking up a little fuzzy after a night out. I had planned a bike ride, so before I went on my wake up bike ride to pick up my car, I quickly jumped down and did the 22 push ups.

Day 3 of the challenge I was at the gym with Nick. Even though I was a little embarrassed I had to drop and do my 22 after the training was done in the stretching area.

Day 4 of the challenge my muscles were feeling sore however as I had tennis that night I decided to drop and do the 22 in a carpark in-between my meetings that day.

Day 5 of the challenge was a tough one. Well they were all tough but I actually struggled to get out of bed because my chest, arms and shoulders were so sore. Yet I did them again anyway.

Day 6 of the challenge I almost couldn’t do them today. I went to the gym and forced myself to do them and It almost felt like they were half push ups . I even had a few comments on Facebook  from people telling me to go all the way down but I just couldn’t.

Day 7 of the challenge was a time to get my head right. As with normal exercise you have rest days but there was no rest here. It was 22 days straight and even though I was playing squash I did the 22 push ups before I left the court. I was cheered on my friend Malcolm Loveday as he knew how tired I was after our game of squash.

Day 8 of the challenge was a day off from my normal training, so I just did the push ups before I left for work. It is now beginning to be a real mental struggle and it is a lot harder than I thought. I mean just doing 22 push ups was an achievement for me , but to do 8 days without a break has been a really difficult.

Day 9 of the challenge and it’s Saturday again so it’s time for the 5 km Park run . As soon as I finish the run and before I even get back in the car I do the pushups. I figured I might as well do it while I’m in exercise mode. If I wait till later it may be harder to get motivated to do it.

Day 10 of the challenge and I’m exhausted and have a day off of training. No day off for the pushups though!

Day 11 of the challenge and it’s back to the gym. In the warm down area I do the push ups straight, after training. Much to my horror I didn’t record it properly! My mate asked what I’m going to do? Of course the challenge is all about recording the push ups. I had no choice but to drop and do another 22. That is my second lot of 44 push ups during this challenge. I can tell you the second lot of push ups were not the best push ups I have done. However I managed to do them that was the main thing.

Day 12 of the challenge. As part of my training that I had planned before the push up challenge, I intended to increase my running distance. So today we went for a 6.5km run and I did the push ups straight after.

Day 13 of the challenge was tricky as I am off on holidays to Lisbon. It was a busy day for work and I had to pack and go to the airport. So before I left the house I did the push ups.

Day 14 of the challenge was the most challenging of them all so far. I did the push ups first thing in the room of the hotel. I had to do them first thing as I knew we were going to do a lot of walking ( 2 and half hours ) and drinking today. The challenging thing though was I had my phone stolen so couldn’t film the push ups and post them tomorrow. All sorts of thoughts went through my head about quitting. I mean what was the point of doing them if I couldn’t film them blah blah blah.

Day 15 of the challenge I woke up very hung over. I decided the night before I would go to the gym at the hotel and do them anyway. After all it wasn’t about being filmed, it was about doing the challenge to bring awareness to men and women who were going through some really tough times. This is something I just had to do, something for my own inner peace. It was something I needed to finish. So although I was not in any state to be exercising I did the 22 push ups anyway. Of course the rest of the day was a lot more walking and drinking. We were on holidays after all!

Day 16 of the challenge I had my friends witness the push ups. The reason I did this was becuase they said  people wouldn’t believe me that I had achieved the 22 days. So in my room witnessed by Paul and Kevin I did some very bad, tired, hung over push ups. It wasn’t a pretty site but they were done.

Day 17 of the challenge still more of the walking and drinking holiday. Kevin witnessed the push ups, which now are beginning to be a real chore. Doing them was now a real mental burden especially on holiday with all the drinking and eating. My body wasn’t happy, and this is becoming one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It is a real challenge!

Day 18 of the challenge was another very difficult to do. Spent all day travelling on trains, planes and taxi cabs to get home from my holiday. So I had to do them right at the end of the day, quite late. Mentally I am having to pump myself up to do the push ups.

Day 19 of the challenge went and  got my video camera and got Niamh ( my step daughter )  to film it for me as I still didn’t have a phone.

Day 20 of the challenge . I went for a run and stopped after 3 km . I was feeling ill after the big holiday, thought I would throw up. However as it was the second last day of the challenge, I did the push ups anyway. My body was not in a good way after the abuse of the holiday, but somehow I managed to do the push ups .

Day 21 of the challenge did no training, and did the push ups as I was going out the door to work.

Day 22 of the challenge and its Saturday again . Did the 5km park run. Went to a friend’s house and when they weren’t in the room I filmed the very last 22 push ups. If it wasn’t the last day I may not have done them. I felt a feeling of releif and pride in myself for achieving what I set out to do. This was tough both physically and mentally but I managed to fight the demons and get the job done.

It was a challenge I took up that I never thought would be as hard as it was. There were ( as there always is in 22 days) lots of things pop up to potentially stop me from doing the challenge. It took strength of character and a constant reminders of why I was doing the challenge. There are a lot of men and women out there that are struggling to come to terms with fighting for their country and what that entails. I did this challenge to help bring awareness to them! As hard as this was for me, it was nothing compared to what those brave men and women have had to go through.


I don’t believe in war or anything that war stands for. If you know me, have read any of my books or been at any of my talks you would know I am very much a ‘love not war’ man. However as lover of mankind I still have to sympathise with those who have been guided to fight for their country as being the thing to do.  Especially now as they are suffering in silence because of what they have seen and done. The reason for this suffering is that killing another human being because someone has ordered you to isn’t what the human spirit is all about.

Now these young men and women are doing their best to be ‘normal ‘ and are struggling because of the confusions in their head of what is right and what is wrong.  I know my friends are getting professional help and this campaign hopefully will help other veterans do the same and get back to being the loving human spirit they are supposed to be.

Always remember that when you put your heart and sole into something , Anything is Possible!

Simon Cartwright

It’s all in your mindset

Nearly eleven weeks ago I started to run. I like to set goals and one of my goals at the beginning of this year was to run a 10 kilometre race. Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that, that doesn’t sound like such a big deal right? I guess in a way you would be right in thinking that. I mean people start running all the time these days and compared to a marathon which is 42.195 kms, me running 10 Kms isn’t that far really, is it? However my path to just to start to run again has been a long painful process, and me running 10 kms was at times like a marathon.

You see I love to run, it helps me stay relaxed. Running  releases a lot of stress and tension for me and of course it keeps me trimmer. Running helps me clear my mind. It always has, if I had an issue I would just go for a run and the problem often worked its way out.

In January 2005 while on holidays I torn a cartilage in my left knee. Since then I have been on and off the physio table ( 4 different ones ) more often than I care to remember. I have been to two different podiatrists, twice each in that time as well. Even hundreds of sports massages have been used over the years to get my body to a working state. Since that moment in 2005 I have had injuries all over my body going from both calves( several times), lower back ( several times) , tennis elbow in both elbows , frozen shoulder, numerous neck issues, and my right wrist and shoulder strains. All which have hindered my ability to go for long runs. My latest ‘ new ‘ injury was as I was attempting to get back into tennis in March this year. I got plantar fasciitis in my left foot, which is an interesting injury if you want to research it. Oh yes there was one more and probably the most significant injury and that was my right knee. It was operated on for cartilage damage on the eighth of the eighth of the eighth . 08/08/08 is a date I will never forget as it stopped me being able to be the sportsman I wanted to be. At the age of 39 I realised with both knees having been operated on my tennis coaching career was over! If you have lost track or confused, here is a timeline

  • January 2005 catalogue , left knee . lots of ongoing issues
  • 2006 tennis elbow in right arm
  • Wrist injury in right wrist
  • Calf and hamstring issues in left leg , though nothing to serious
  • Right shoulder strain in early 2007
  • Tennis elbow in mid 2007 left arm
  • March 2008 right knee cartilage damage , operation in August . No proper sport for 5 years
  • Tennis elbow right elbow in 2009 from working at a computer.
  • Slipped disc in lower back august 2013 warming up for a game of tennis
  • left calf tear in March 2014
  • In July 2014 left calf tear again
  • August 2014 bolging disc in lower back
  • November 2014 calf injury flared up again
  • Lower back and side strains in early 2015
  • Frozen left shoulder August 2015
  • In March 2016 plantar fasciitis
  • In August 2016 calf injury right leg

So even 9 days  before the I had calf issues again!  Not being deterred I started to do lots of walking training in all sorts of tough terrain .

 No pain , no gain!

No pain , no gain!

So I did 35km of bush walking in 4 days around the Lands End area. I had to rest from running but it didn’t mean I couldn’t keep my fitness up in other ways. I couldn’t just wait, hoping it would be ok, I had to try everything. I also brought some compression socks, got some physio on it. I also put my old inner soles in as I knew they shortened my calves a bit and may take the pressure off. The main thing I did through this whole experience was just keep saying there must be a way. I am running this event , there must be a way to make it happen!


The Day of the race

I hadn’t been able to run for about a week and a half, so I was very nervous about my chances of actually finishing the event. We walked 3 kms to the event to make sure I was warmed up sufficiently. I wore my compression sock and deep heat for this also.  I was standing on the start line not knowing if I would even be able to run at all, let alone run 10km. However through all of this process with the calf injury I kept saying I was going to run the event and I would find a way to do it. That’s the attitude I had in the race as well.

The race started and I gingerly took off . My training partner Nick Hague said he would run with me. I was running so slow, I was fully focused on my calf and any feelings of stress or strain. Every time I thought I felt something I changed my foot position and slowed down. I was running so slow loads and loads of people kept running past me. I so wanted to compete and run how I normally do and pass them all back. However I just stayed focus on running any way I could to get to the finishline. Nick at times was actually walking to try and be slow enough to be next to me, I was going that slow.

At the 5km mark I noticed our time was 33.43 which was 5 minutes slower than I would normally run a 5 km flat course. So I decided to start to run just a bit quicker and focus on passing people. So one by one we would pass runners. Each Kilometre marker I would increase the pace just a little bit, while still being mindful of my calf. We got to around the 7.5km marker and I knew I would finish even if I tore my calf again. So I said to Nick ‘ I’m going to make it mate, lets run at our normal pace and see how many people we can pass’.  Well the answer was 51 people we passed with one person passing us back. We clicked into gear and in the last 2kms we did in 10 minutes and 18 seconds which is the fastest either of us had ever run 2kms. Our total time as you can see was 1 hour 3 minutes and 54 seconds.

Race results

Race results







I had no doubt in my mind I was going to do this. Even though many people told me I couldn’t do it. A few people told me I shouldn’t do it. Through it all I kept saying to myself that there must be a way,  I know I can do this. It is quite incredible how powerful our minds are and when put in conjunction with our heart the passion inspires us.When this happens, nothing can stop us achieving what we want. A few times last week when I tried to run i did have a few negative thought and I thought about cancelling the event and not running. I mean I’m not a professional runner, no one would know. Well yes someone would know , and that person is ME! So I just kept thinking positive again.

What is it your passionate about? Is there something you really want to do?  If there is make your mind up and go for it !

You have the power within you to overcome the odds

Simon Cartwright

It s people not things that make your life rich.

When I was younger I used to think that material possessions were what made me rich. I used to think if I had a nice car and big house that I would somehow feel better about myself. I also thought that others would think more of me if I had expensive material possessions. As I got older though my thoughts on this subject changed completely.
I had my birthday celebrations this weekend and it couldn’t have been so enjoyable if it wasn’t for the people who were with me. The thing that I was most looking forward to was not what I got for a present but who I would spend my time with. In fact not at any point had my gifts entered my mind. Of course I did get presents but it was the giver of those gifts that was the most important thing to me.

Everyone needs good friends.

Everyone needs good friends.

Friday night was spent with a couple of close friends here in the UK . The people who you mean the most to you are always the ones who make the effort to make it to your special occasions. These two guys are two of those people. Nick Hague and Paul Howard at the last minute changed their plans and came out for a drink. During the day my aunty and uncle surprised me with a cake , which was lovely as well. The only person missing was my best mate Earl Densham, who lives in Australia. I am planning to have my birthday next year in Australia so I can spend my day with him.



Best Friends

Best Friends



On the weekend I spent time with my ex-girlfriend and my two beautiful step daughters .They really light up my life when I see them and it was wonderful to dress up and go out for Italian cuisine together. I get to see them every weekend but I think we were all really looking forward to spending time together, dressing up and being all grown up this weekend. They aren’t my daughters by blood but I love them like they were. I really treasured spending this special time with them. We also went out on Sunday, and we went for a nice walk to the local village. We spent the day sitting in the sunshine just hanging out , talking and laughing. Yes they were like normal teenagers and were bored very quickly but I just loved the time I spent with them.


It's the people not the things you remember.

It’s the people not the things you remember.



It is the things you do with the people who mean the most to you that you remember. Not whether you drove the best car in the street. When you are on your last day on this planet you won’t be thinking about what car you have in the garage. There is no doubt in my mind you will be thinking about your loved ones. So make sure to appreciate them every day until then.

You have the power within you to focus and love those close to you.

Simon Cartwright

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