It’s all in your mindset

Nearly eleven weeks ago I started to run. I like to set goals and one of my goals at the beginning of this year was to run a 10 kilometre race. Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that, that doesn’t sound like such a big deal right? I guess in a way you would be right in thinking that. I mean people start running all the time these days and compared to a marathon which is 42.195 kms, me running 10 Kms isn’t that far really, is it? However my path to just to start to run again has been a long painful process, and me running 10 kms was at times like a marathon.

You see I love to run, it helps me stay relaxed. Running  releases a lot of stress and tension for me and of course it keeps me trimmer. Running helps me clear my mind. It always has, if I had an issue I would just go for a run and the problem often worked its way out.

In January 2005 while on holidays I torn a cartilage in my left knee. Since then I have been on and off the physio table ( 4 different ones ) more often than I care to remember. I have been to two different podiatrists, twice each in that time as well. Even hundreds of sports massages have been used over the years to get my body to a working state. Since that moment in 2005 I have had injuries all over my body going from both calves( several times), lower back ( several times) , tennis elbow in both elbows , frozen shoulder, numerous neck issues, and my right wrist and shoulder strains. All which have hindered my ability to go for long runs. My latest ‘ new ‘ injury was as I was attempting to get back into tennis in March this year. I got plantar fasciitis in my left foot, which is an interesting injury if you want to research it. Oh yes there was one more and probably the most significant injury and that was my right knee. It was operated on for cartilage damage on the eighth of the eighth of the eighth . 08/08/08 is a date I will never forget as it stopped me being able to be the sportsman I wanted to be. At the age of 39 I realised with both knees having been operated on my tennis coaching career was over! If you have lost track or confused, here is a timeline

  • January 2005 catalogue , left knee . lots of ongoing issues
  • 2006 tennis elbow in right arm
  • Wrist injury in right wrist
  • Calf and hamstring issues in left leg , though nothing to serious
  • Right shoulder strain in early 2007
  • Tennis elbow in mid 2007 left arm
  • March 2008 right knee cartilage damage , operation in August . No proper sport for 5 years
  • Tennis elbow right elbow in 2009 from working at a computer.
  • Slipped disc in lower back august 2013 warming up for a game of tennis
  • left calf tear in March 2014
  • In July 2014 left calf tear again
  • August 2014 bolging disc in lower back
  • November 2014 calf injury flared up again
  • Lower back and side strains in early 2015
  • Frozen left shoulder August 2015
  • In March 2016 plantar fasciitis
  • In August 2016 calf injury right leg

So even 9 days  before the I had calf issues again!  Not being deterred I started to do lots of walking training in all sorts of tough terrain .

 No pain , no gain!

No pain , no gain!

So I did 35km of bush walking in 4 days around the Lands End area. I had to rest from running but it didn’t mean I couldn’t keep my fitness up in other ways. I couldn’t just wait, hoping it would be ok, I had to try everything. I also brought some compression socks, got some physio on it. I also put my old inner soles in as I knew they shortened my calves a bit and may take the pressure off. The main thing I did through this whole experience was just keep saying there must be a way. I am running this event , there must be a way to make it happen!


The Day of the race

I hadn’t been able to run for about a week and a half, so I was very nervous about my chances of actually finishing the event. We walked 3 kms to the event to make sure I was warmed up sufficiently. I wore my compression sock and deep heat for this also.  I was standing on the start line not knowing if I would even be able to run at all, let alone run 10km. However through all of this process with the calf injury I kept saying I was going to run the event and I would find a way to do it. That’s the attitude I had in the race as well.

The race started and I gingerly took off . My training partner Nick Hague said he would run with me. I was running so slow, I was fully focused on my calf and any feelings of stress or strain. Every time I thought I felt something I changed my foot position and slowed down. I was running so slow loads and loads of people kept running past me. I so wanted to compete and run how I normally do and pass them all back. However I just stayed focus on running any way I could to get to the finishline. Nick at times was actually walking to try and be slow enough to be next to me, I was going that slow.

At the 5km mark I noticed our time was 33.43 which was 5 minutes slower than I would normally run a 5 km flat course. So I decided to start to run just a bit quicker and focus on passing people. So one by one we would pass runners. Each Kilometre marker I would increase the pace just a little bit, while still being mindful of my calf. We got to around the 7.5km marker and I knew I would finish even if I tore my calf again. So I said to Nick ‘ I’m going to make it mate, lets run at our normal pace and see how many people we can pass’.  Well the answer was 51 people we passed with one person passing us back. We clicked into gear and in the last 2kms we did in 10 minutes and 18 seconds which is the fastest either of us had ever run 2kms. Our total time as you can see was 1 hour 3 minutes and 54 seconds.

Race results

Race results







I had no doubt in my mind I was going to do this. Even though many people told me I couldn’t do it. A few people told me I shouldn’t do it. Through it all I kept saying to myself that there must be a way,  I know I can do this. It is quite incredible how powerful our minds are and when put in conjunction with our heart the passion inspires us.When this happens, nothing can stop us achieving what we want. A few times last week when I tried to run i did have a few negative thought and I thought about cancelling the event and not running. I mean I’m not a professional runner, no one would know. Well yes someone would know , and that person is ME! So I just kept thinking positive again.

What is it your passionate about? Is there something you really want to do?  If there is make your mind up and go for it !

You have the power within you to overcome the odds

Simon Cartwright

It s people not things that make your life rich.

When I was younger I used to think that material possessions were what made me rich. I used to think if I had a nice car and big house that I would somehow feel better about myself. I also thought that others would think more of me if I had expensive material possessions. As I got older though my thoughts on this subject changed completely.
I had my birthday celebrations this weekend and it couldn’t have been so enjoyable if it wasn’t for the people who were with me. The thing that I was most looking forward to was not what I got for a present but who I would spend my time with. In fact not at any point had my gifts entered my mind. Of course I did get presents but it was the giver of those gifts that was the most important thing to me.

Everyone needs good friends.

Everyone needs good friends.

Friday night was spent with a couple of close friends here in the UK . The people who you mean the most to you are always the ones who make the effort to make it to your special occasions. These two guys are two of those people. Nick Hague and Paul Howard at the last minute changed their plans and came out for a drink. During the day my aunty and uncle surprised me with a cake , which was lovely as well. The only person missing was my best mate Earl Densham, who lives in Australia. I am planning to have my birthday next year in Australia so I can spend my day with him.



Best Friends

Best Friends



On the weekend I spent time with my ex-girlfriend and my two beautiful step daughters .They really light up my life when I see them and it was wonderful to dress up and go out for Italian cuisine together. I get to see them every weekend but I think we were all really looking forward to spending time together, dressing up and being all grown up this weekend. They aren’t my daughters by blood but I love them like they were. I really treasured spending this special time with them. We also went out on Sunday, and we went for a nice walk to the local village. We spent the day sitting in the sunshine just hanging out , talking and laughing. Yes they were like normal teenagers and were bored very quickly but I just loved the time I spent with them.


It's the people not the things you remember.

It’s the people not the things you remember.



It is the things you do with the people who mean the most to you that you remember. Not whether you drove the best car in the street. When you are on your last day on this planet you won’t be thinking about what car you have in the garage. There is no doubt in my mind you will be thinking about your loved ones. So make sure to appreciate them every day until then.

You have the power within you to focus and love those close to you.

Simon Cartwright

What do you do when overwhelm hits?

Overwhelm is one of those emotions created by us and it is one of those emotions that can be stopped by us immediately. Overwhelm is an emotion of the ego, left side of the brain .It tends to feel like it is taking over you and you have no control of it .Everything just seems to hard and you can’t seem to see a solution. This is a common occurrence to all of us and overwhelm can hit us at anytime. It doesn’t have to be a negative situation that brings the feelings of overwhelm on. It can be something that is supposed to be fun too. Overwhelm gives you the feelings of helplessness and insecurity. It also creates a lot of stress which all adds up to making the situation even worse than it was in the first place.





It’s a weird thing overwhelm , as it usually comes along when we have a pile of work to do and we don’t know if we can get through it all . It can hit us as we are so excited about an event coming up our emotions start to run wild. The mind just starts to think and think and think and before we know it we have convinced ourselves we are unable to achieve our list of things to do . Or it makes us think we are unable to do the special event we have been looking forward to for so long . The funny thing is the stress takes over so much we procrastinate , so nothing gets done. You know what happens then don’t you ? The list of things to do gets longer and the stress levels get higher and before we know it we are in a very unhealthy mental state.


To much paperwork!

To much paperwork!



So what is happening ?

Overwhelm believe it or not is you self-sabotaging yourself . Yep that’s right it is the ego side of the brain telling you “ you can do this “ , or “ what makes you think you are good enough  to be involved in this event “ and many more even more damaging thoughts. You see the ego can only see the things you have achieved in your life previously. So if you ve never done anything before in this life it will try and protect you. How does the ego protect you ? It does its level best to keep you in the comfort zone. We all know where the comfort zone gets you don’t we? It gets you absolutely no where. You will stay right where you are and achieve nothing new in your life. The ego mind thinks you are safe just doing the same things you always did, even if those things made you unhappy. Your ego doesn’t like change . Whenever you try and change it will step in and be that little nagging , negative voice that is trying to tell you that you cant do something. Here’s a thought, imagine if you listened to your ego when you were first trying to walk? You would have two or three wobbly attempts to stand up. You kept falling down so the ego says, “stuff this for a laugh let’s just keep crawling for the rest of our lives!”  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it ? Well imagine if we did listen to our egos at that age? Lucky you had people around you already walking and encouraging you to walk so you kept falling over until one day you did it ! You started to walk ,and the more you walked the better you got. You even got so good that you started to run. If you have that attitude with everything you try for the first time in life you will be running and succeeding at everything in everything you do!

What are some of the things I do to get rid of overwhelm?

  • Talk to someone, like a friend not involved in the situation
  • Write a pros and cons list
  • Meditate
  • Talk to my coach

Why do these things?

When overwhelm hits me I have a few things that I do. Sometimes I have to do all of them, and sometimes just one of them to get my head in the right place. After all getting your mind in the right place is all you have to do. By the way to do that, you don’t need drugs (legal or illegal) or alcohol to do it.

Even though I am a coach myself , I often take advice of others. It is always good to share your issues with someone who is looking from the outside in on your issue. That could be your best friend or your coach. As the old saying says . “ a problem shared is a problem halved “. That is why so many successful people had a coach on the way to their achievements.  Quite often I am given the same advice I give others in our business coaching sessions.


Best Friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed !


The next thing I will try is to write things down. Maybe do a pros and cons type idea. By writing things down you will often have a clearer view and be looking at it from the outside in. When things are put down on paper or word document it looks a lot less daunting.

Mostly though the thing that makes the most different is to actually stop what I’m doing and go away and meditate. It is what my coach always suggests if my ego mind is running away with itself. I guess you might ask, “ how can stopping work help you  achieve the big list of things you need to do? Good question , and the thing you need to remember that the mind doesn’t stop working . The brain keeps ticking away and thinking 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What it needs , just like any muscle is to switch off and rest so it can rejuvenate. By meditating the ego mind will be forced to switch off and stop the head spinning effects that creates overwhelm. I find this the most effective way to stop overwhelm and get back into the flow.After meditation you will be relaxed and energised.


Overwhelm is a product of your ego mind. The ego doesn’t like change and doesn’t want you to fail. So it doesn’t want you to try new things. It thinks it is trying to help you by creating a state of overwhelm to make you stop work. In short overwhelm is made up by you and can be got rid of by you!

You have the power within you to overcome overwhelm


Simon Cartwright

ThinkPositive Coaching Yorkshire Business Coach

It’s all in the finer details

If I asked you the question, ‘ what do you have to do better to be successful? ‘ you would probably say, that you are not sure. However if you search deep  down within you, like most of us, you would  know the answer to that question. I’m sure you’ve read all the books and been to lots of positive seminars. I have no doubt you have listened to the CDs and watched the DVDs that teach you how to succeed in this life. If you are a real go-getter you will have a coach as well.

After doing all of this are you still asking yourself  these sort of things , “why doesn’t everyone have that wonderful, happy success that I’ve heard about ? “ “Why is it then I haven’t achieved everything I want to achieve ?” Or maybe you are asking, “Where is this inner peace I’m supposed to be having ? “

Hang in there , you are closer than you think! The chances are that there is one small detail that you’re missing. There is probably one thing stopping you from achieving all of  the success you are dreaming of.  Are you doing everything you’ve heard or read? It could be something small that you are not doing. It could be one tiny action you’ve done that isn’t quite up to your normal standard. It could be that most of the time you are right up there with the best of them. However if you procrastinate and don’t do one of the things needed to keep momentum, you could miss your target. Only you know what that thing could be. Get that sorted and all the success in the world could be yours before you know it.

I know you will tell me that no body is perfect. I’m sure you have a very good reason for not completing a every task. You can probably rationalise it to me why. However I just think that is just rational lies you are telling yourself ! It is the same as baking a cake; if you miss any of the ingredients, the cake could end up completely different than what it is supposed to.


Do whatever it takes to succeed!

Do whatever it takes to succeed!


The reason I know this is because I have spent most of my life saying the exact same things to myself. I too, at times have not done what it takes just when needed. Though I will say once you find your true heart’s desire, that will all change. As soon as you have something you love doing, the hard things don’t seem as hard anymore. You see we are all born with some sort of genius within us. That is a genius to complete anything we put our heart and soul into.

It’s time to stop listening to your ego and start to follow your heart instead. You have what it takes, to turn things around like many before you. The opportunity of a lifetime comes past all the time if you are open to seeing them. It is time to notice the signs and to do those things that you haven’t been doing. It is time for you to listen to your gut instinct and let them guide you to your passion and your success and not do those sabotaging things you have been doing.

Anything is possible if you just keep taking one more step and leave no stone unturned. So much success is about keeping  going doing the little things over and over . You can only do this in the tough times if you are following your heart and you could be very surprised with what is just around the corner. Your happiness and your success is waiting for you, because you deserve it!

You have the power within to hear your instincts and follow your passion to success.

Simon Cartwright

What’s in your heart?

The law of attraction works in mysterious ways . Like how I ended up with my business partner. I only knew  Brodie Asaris for a very short period of time , we had played tennis together. When he moved to London I loosely kept in contact with him through Facebook because we had joined a Network Marketing company together for a bit as well.

When I started to write my first book  Pathways to Success I lost my nerve . You see I’m dyslexic and failed school so I had  lost confidence that I could actually write a book that others would want to read. To make sure I wasn’t making a fool of myself I thought I’d give a copy of the introduction to my business partner at the time to read to get his thoughts. I also decided to send it to Brodie in London. I respected my partner’s opinion and if Brodie laughed at me I probably wouldn’t see him again anyway.

What happened next surprised me. My business partner who was also my housemate, never read it ( he did buy the book when I released it though).  Brodie, this virtual stranger living in the other end of England to me did read it. He not only read it but as he taught English in Japan a few years before ( which I didn’t know ), he sent the document back proof read with all the punctuation corrected. He then messaged me saying, ‘ that was great , have you got any more of it done?’  After  he did the same for the first pathway and still wanted more, I asked if he would proof read the whole book . When he agreed I suggested that we go 50/50 in the book. Of course he agreed and that is where ThinkPositive Coaching  was formed.



ThinkPositive Coaching Directors



My personality is front of stage , computer illiterate , driven ,a big personality and very unorganised. Whereas Brodie’s personality is organised , he is an IT guru, has a quiet demeanor and very measured in what he does. As business partners we perfectly compliment the other’s weaknesses. What that really means is we have attracted to each other the perfect business partner.

Even more interesting is on a conscious level we didn’t know we were looking for a business partner . We certainly weren’t looking at getting into the coaching industry. In fact the coaching industry hadn’t taken off in the UK at that point.  Though obviously on an inner, deeper level we both wanted to be in a business, and both wanted a business of helping people. Naturally it was meant to be that the law of attraction connected both of us.

The point to this post is just that. Whatever you truly want in your heart is what the universal source energies and the law of attraction is bringing to you . It doesn’t matter what you logically are trying to achieve, the law of attraction will only connect you to your true hearts desires.

You have the power within you to attract all that you desire.

Simon Cartwright

What new skill have you learnt lately?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or it doesn’t matter where you come from. When you learn to a new skill for the first time it is difficult. No matter how big or small the task is that you are about to learn, the first time you do it will be the hardest.
Quite often what happens is when you actually build up the courage to do this thing that is so hard you feel it wasn’t as difficult as you first thought. The mind is a funny thing and it put barriers up to make us think we are unable to do things. However as we quite often learn once we are taught properly how to something, we are capable of doing it! We can learn to do anything, that we want to. Ok some things are picked up quicker by some people but if you are persistent you can learn to do anything.

I remember the first time I was asked to get up and speak to an audience. I was terrified but after it was finished I thought to myself , ‘that’s what I was born to do !’ . Yes I still get nervous before any of my events but it gets easier and easier to deal with. Now I can get up in front of any audience of any size and do my thing without any issues at all.

As for you, do you remember how hard it was to learn how to drive? Now you can do all the movements without even thinking about it. Remember how long it took to write an email at first? Now you bang one out pretty quickly. Once you have learned a skill and it becomes part of your muscle memory , and you’ll do it on instinct .

We are habitual creatures after all and once something becomes a habit we are comfortable with it. So don’t let fear stop you from trying something new. Learning new experiences is what keeps you fresh and growing. Achieving new experiences will keep you young and vibrant in your mind.

You have the ability and the power within to learn any new skill you put your heart and mind into.

Simon Cartwright

Being self-employed means having choices

I have so many friends with high paying jobs who keep telling me they are in control. They kept asking why would I start a business and have so many struggles setting it up when I could just get a good paying job and cruise through life. Well I don’t want to cruise ,plus what I have found is the only way to be in control is to be self-employed . Money doesn’t mean control of your life, having choices does.

You see a few years ago when my business wasn’t that busy I was able to take time off  to be with my dying grandmother. I wasn’t making bucket loads of money but I was able to make a choice to go and just sit with her as long as I wanted, when I wanted. I could do this because I was in control as I was self-employed. I didn’t have a boss telling me where and when I had to be at any time. That time to me was priceless. The last memory I have of my grandmother was her getting her hair done. She always loved getting her hair done, it was her thing. That memory is priceless and I got to do that because I am self-employed and in control of my life and destiny.

Today was another of those priceless moments. It was game one between Queensland and New South Wales, in a series called The State of Origin. To most men, women and children in those two states of Australia, this is one of the big occasions in the calendar. As I live in the UK I haven’t really seen many State of Origin games since I moved here. There is a couple of reasons for that . The first is the time difference between Australia and England . That difference meant it was being played at 11am my time ,when most people are at work. Plus it is very hard to find a venue over here who have it playing at that time of the morning.


Being Self-Employed means having choices.

Being Self-Employed means having choices.


Well this year I decided I was going to watch it. I cleared my diary so I could watch the game live. Technology has allowed this to happen and enabled me to be with my friends on the other side of the world as well. You see I streamed the game and while I was doing this I had friends on the other end of my phone messaging back and forth ( both voice and text) as the game panned out. One of which is my best mate Earl Densham and it was his birthday. In a strange way I got to experience The State of Origin with him on his birthday. He was at his house in Queensland and me at my place in Yorkshire. A memory I will always cherish and something that wouldn’t of happened if I had a job.

Yes being self-employed has its challenges but so does working for a boss. Life’s experiences are what I live for and today was another example of how working for myself enabled me to enjoy a game I love with people I love. I am so happy that I can make those sort of choices .

You to have the choice to follow your power within and make the choices that give you joy.

Simon Cartwright

What’s your passion

Have you ever thought there has to be more to life than this , I know I have ? Or if a life full of adventure, excitement and love would be like if it was your life ? I constantly thought those sorts of things all the time. It seemed my life was full of all sort of fear, sadness and failures .

I then learnt the secrets to a happy and successful life and once I found it i wanted to share it with the world. You see I had to take steps and actions to change my programmes and belief systems. Once I had done this, my life took on new meaning. I remember the first time I looked at myself in the mirror and thought ‘ you know I really like that guy’, and since then things changed forever. I realised then and there that it I wanted to help others do the same thing. It has become my passion, my purpose in life, to teach anybody who would listen how to look in the mirror and love what they see! As a by-product of that, then maybe they too can get new meaning to their lives that has been missing.



Pathways to Success - Simon Cartwright

Pathways to Success – Simon Cartwright


There are a lot of steps both simple and the complicated ones to get to this point. I want to be someone who could support and guide you along this incredible journey of discovery to success. You see if you follow your heart it is still work , it just doesn’t feel like it. Once you have that passion you are on the right track .This is what is in my heart and I love doing what I am doing.

Every day is something to look forward to and every day, a new day full of adventure, fun, love and happiness. You have what it takes to achieve greatness in your life. It’s what we were all are born to do.

Have a little think , it shouldn’t be too hard.  Is there something you have always wanted to do but didn’t have the courage to take the step? Is there something deep down that you always dreamt of doing but thought maybe you were to old? What is in your heart, that is what your purpose in life is?

It’s time to take that step. It’s time to follow your heart, to  listen to your gut feelings. I’m here to let you know if you do your life will never be the same again.

You can do it, I believe in you!

Simon Cartwright x

What is Happiness?

For most of my life I thought that Driving the nice car would make me happy. I thought making lots of money would make me happy. I can even remember times when I thought I wouldn’t be happy unless a woman loved me. I even thought that I wouldn’t be happy until I was rich and famous. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Happiness doesn’t come from what you acquire or the material goods that you have in your possession. Happiness comes from within you before you receive any other benefits . Then once you are happy you are more likely going to receive and material possessions.

You see I have realised that having a loving family and wonderful friends around me are what make me really happy. A happiness that brings tears to my eyes, that is emotion coursing through my veins. Without even knowing I’m doing it , I have a huge smile on my face.


Simon Cartwright ThinkPositive Coaching presenting at Ilkley Business Forum

Simon Cartwright ThinkPositive Coaching presenting at Ilkley Business Forum


If you want to experience true happiness , stop waiting for an event or waiting to be the right weight or a earn certain amount of money before you are happy. I’ve had the experience of driving the fancy cars, I was fit and healthy and I had more money than I even knew about .Yet I now realise deep down I wasn’t satisfied with my life.

After losing everything and I mean everything (and more),  I started on the real journey to happiness. I started to self-develop, and the main thing is I started to appreciate and be grateful for every little thing in my life. I surrounded myself with amazing people and developed a love for myself, nature and those close to me.

When I woke up and looked in the mirror and loved what I saw I realised I was satisfied .When I looked around at my life and was totally grateful  for everything that has happened in it , I found true happiness.

You have the power within you to find that true happiness that comes from the inside out .

Simon Cartwright

Depression comes in different formats

I spend my time helping others get through all sorts of issues. These issues usually are the ones between their ears , but I am there to help out wherever I can .  This fills me full of joy and I enjoy helping anyone I can whether they are a paid client or not. My problem is I don’t always know how to help me.

When those emotions start to build I think it might be coming. Then when I find myself getting angry for no reason at the shops or behind the wheel of my car, I know it’s coming.  When I find myself not being able to handle pressure how I should and getting flustered when I really shouldn’t, deep down I know it’s coming. I know when I feel emotionally numb and just want to stay in bed and not face the world, I know there is a chance it is around the corner! Or the big one, when someone is cruel to my heart and treats me with such disrespect I know it is only a matter of time. Then BOOM  from what seems from no-where something happens that sets me off .

Before I know it am crying , and thinking of all the reasons why my life is so bad . It  just keeps escalating to the point where I just want to end it all because there is no point going on like this. The ability to have a proper conversation disappears and I am left feeling helpless, alone and very vulnerable. I shut myself away from the world and not wanting to talk to anyone.

How long this lasts, is dependent on so many things but there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to stop it once it has arrived. Sometimes I can catch it in time and it swings on by me. Most times though things seems out of my control and on a gradual but fast spiral out of control to the inevitable arrival of depression. Why me , why do I get this , why do I deserve such heartache and misery when I spend my whole time helping others achieve happiness?

I’m so tired I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything . I feel like such a fraud because my life to everyone else is happy and joyful. I am unable to express myself and let people know I feel sad and worthless because my business is called ThinkPositive Coaching. I have helped so many people in my life achieve happiness . Where is my happy ending !!!!!

I know we all have the power within to fix this but at the moment i can’t find it!

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